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Candy Tube Year 2 - Thoughts From The Green Dragon

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Previous Entry Candy Tube Year 2 Oct. 31st, 2006 @ 07:38 pm Next Entry
(this is the first post since I turned 44. So happy birthday to me!)

This time we set it up across the stairs. That might keep people from trying to climb the dark, dangerous stairs which defeats the purpose of the candy delivery system in the first place.

The first carload of kids has just stopped across the street. Once again I am annoyed at how many people drive their kids from house to house. Is the world really that much more dangerous than when I was a kid? I tried to cover as much of the neigborhood as possible and I usually went out several times and sometimes all alone. I think the world is no more dangerous than before. I think the perception is that the world is more dangerous.

I guess this leads me to my rant. Turn off the TV news. Just stop watching. Give is a few months and see if you feel better about the world. Do you really need to see all that bad news every day?

Now back to the fun and excitement of all hallows eve. The first group got some candy from the tube and then my daughter got some for herself. I hear her yelling and screaming down the street so I know she's out having fun. Even tho she has a costume (or five) she is now out with no costume. I guess wearing it to the parties over the weekend was enough.

I see car after car now. Not all of them have costumed, candy consuming kiddies in them tho. I am still waiting for the next group of them to arrive. I do hear the calls of "trick or treat" from down the street.

More kids have come by. I hear mine saying it is time to go to Snooky's house. He always has a haunted house in his house and lots of treats. My candy tube does not compare.

This is working out well. Some candy for the tube, some for me. Some candy for the tube, some for me...

Now big groups of kids are coming and some of them remember the candy tube from last year so they aren't all trying to climb the dark, scary stairs.

Bill has just gone across the street in the dark to take a picture. The end of the tube is wrapped in orange lights and the porch light is on, so something will be visible.

The downside to this is that I can't really see the costumes, but most of the kids seem to not be wearing any, so I guess that is really a wash. Maybe next year we'll have some better lighting at the bottom of the stairs.

This car has children equipped with glowsticks. He's wearing a montser mask. He's sneaking up behind Bill (who is trying to take a picture up the candy tube). I tried to warn Bill, but he didn't believe me. Ahhhhhhhh! I can't look!

OK, that's over. I am not sure if Bill survived....oh, there he is....all is well.

More kids...some of them don't quite get the tube, but when the candy comes out they realize what is going on. I wonder how large the pile of candy will be at the end of the night...well, some people just found the candy on the ground so that helps with the cleanup. But I can counter that by throwing it down there when they are walking away. Sometimes they come back and get it, sometimes they don't.

I like when they line up...and then get in line again...they want extra candy. So do I...so far the bag of the kind I like is safe inside. Hopefully I won't need to use that one.

Melody and Dave brought their kids by. Tiffany brought her kids by. The kids who helped clean out my building a few months ago came by. I love small town life.

The moon has nearly vaniished behind clouds. There is lightnig and thunder. The power flickered. Perfect weather for halloween as long as the rain holds back until the kids are safely in.

There is a lull. The street is quiet. Another car...perhaps with costumed candy seeking kiddies....perhaps not as I still hear nothing. Might be a lot of candy left for me this year.

I hear a far off girl scream with delight...and some kid voices approaching...

And now the rain has begun...I guess that means this is the end of my Blog...water and computing are not yet a safe mix.

Good night.
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