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Why does CBS not want me to watch The Big Bang Theory? They seem to think that I will either A) Sit down and watch it when they want me to, or B) Find a way to record it myself so that I can watch it when I want to.

When are they going to get a clue and realize that TV shows should just be on my schedule. When I want to watch a show, I sit down, find it, and watch it. This is how I watch shows on all the other networks?

Maybe CBS doesn't want me to see their shows, or their ads. I guess advertisers who want to try to sell me their products will have to put their ads somewhere else for me to see them.

I don't schedule my life around TV. I watch TV when I my schedule allows it and I expect the shows I want to see to be available when I am ready to watch TV.
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Date:October 29th, 2010 02:38 pm (UTC)
Recording it is not that arduous.

And just think, that way you could have seen the ad for the MacBook Air, the Windows 7 phone, and the HP laptop optimized for sound with the help of Dr. Dre!

And seen William Shatner (and everyone else in the 1 minute i saw) saying things that the people involved with his show seem to think are jokes, but which I think are merely joke-like substances; utterances with the linguistic structure of jokes but utterly lacking in humor.
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